There is a hard freeze warning from Friday night thru Monday night in the Central Arizona area. Cover frost sensitive plants such as citrus and bougainvillea, annual plants. Water them first, then provide a cover, such as a frost cloth, heavy sheets, blankets, etc (no plastic) to form a tent over the plant so that the moisture from the ground evaporates and warms the plant. Experts also say you can point a floodlight upwards into the tree, particularly for large citrus trees that can't be covered. Four nights in a row of hard freeze is going to be tough on landscaping. I'll be sorry to see all the bougainvillea frosted!

Exterior sprinkler lines and hose bibs are also at risk! Use foam tubes (such as pool noodles) to cut and form around exposed plumbing lines. Even covering exposed sprinkler valves with blankets can protect them from freezing.

Experts also suggest setting irrigation timers to come on around 3- 4 a.m., this will help raise the temperatures as the water will be warmer than the air.

In the event that your plants and trees do freeze, avoid pruning damaged branches until after all possible freezes are over in your area!

- Debbie Yost