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Monthly Archives: October 2011

    It’s time to take another look at short sales!

    By Yost Realty Group | October 19, 2011

    As recently as a few months ago, if you would have told a real estate agent who specialized in short sales that they’d be raving about a lender’s stellar service and rapid approval times—not to mention cash incentives for financially strapped homeowners for successfully closing a short sale—you’d have gotten some strange looks. That’s all... Read More

    Declining Inventory

    By Yost Realty Group | October 3, 2011

    This post should resonate with the home seekers out there having a hard time finding the right property or missing out because of multiple offers. This is a sign of the times unfortunately… With banks regulating the flow of foreclosure listings and an increased flow of buyers to the market place, inventory levels are on... Read More

    Looking for a Glimmer of Hope?

    By Yost Realty Group | October 2, 2011

    Pay attention sellers… this is what you’ve been waiting for! A glimmer of hope in the media storm of doom and gloom… The average price per square foot of active listings in Casa Grande has actually trended upward for the past 4 months by a total of $7 from June to September! Now all the... Read More

    Crime Rates & Sex Offenders

    By Yost Realty Group | October 1, 2011

    As Realtors, we are commonly asked, ‘Is this a good neighborhood?’ or ‘How’s the crime rate?’ Unfortunately, we can’t legally provide this type of information in accordance with the Fair Housing Act. Fortunately for buyers, there are many reliable websites that allow you to research crime rates, sex offenders and additional demographics in a particular... Read More