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Advantages to Buying a House in the Summer

Despite what you might think – there are some real advantages to buying a home in the summer!MC900391456

  • Less competition: There is less competition from other buyers! Since many don’t want to brave the 100+ degree temperatures in July & August, these are good months to search because they can translate to lower prices and better deals.
  • Prices decline: Historically the summer months tend to have the lowest prices per square foot than the rest of the year.
  • More time from your Realtor: Your real estate agent probably isn’t as busy during the later summer months so you may get more of their time and expertise!
  • Ugly Ducklings: Some of the houses that are still on the market during this time have been on the market a long time! That could mean a better deal for you! Especially if you’re able to look past some of the bad paint, bad lighting, or maybe the home is just dirty. All of these are easy things to change once you own the property, and if you can look through these items, you may be able to get an even better deal!


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