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Agent Spotlight: Floyd Aurich

Floyd Aurich is a Yost Realty Group Realtor and Buyer Specialist with a wealth of building experience, having constructed homes and commercial buildings from scratch (as well as managing several renovations). Because of his deep insight into home construction and renovations, Floyd is well-positioned to discuss a building’s potential and design opportunities.

Ultimately, it was the local area’s charm and opportunity that drove Floyd to transition into real estate:

“Casa Grande is a city unto itself, not part of or bedroom community to any other city. Relatively quiet compared to the larger cities to our north and south with all of the major amenities of a larger city, Hospital, medical services, restaurants, commercial and industrial jobs, growth potential, two major freeways with a recommended third, north and south freeway, and well designed internal roads and retail centers. Home prices are increasing but still some of the better price levels within many miles. The city is adding a new recreational center to stay up with the needs of the community and the school systems are improving also as the city grows. This is a great city to feel at home in.”

Floyd contends that the most important step a home buyer must take is finding an agent they’re confident with. This way, you can rest easy knowing nothing is missed in your search, home visits, negotiations, or contract.

If you’re considering a home purchase, be sure to contact Floyd today!

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