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    Arizona Purchase Contract | Critical Dates Checklist

    As we make our way through the different sections and subsections of the contract, the items on this checklist will begin to make sense. One of the most important things a good Realtor can help you with is keeping track of due dates. Purchasing real estate can be stressful enough, imagine keeping track of every important date and when the task must be completed by – all in your head! Keep this handy checklist with you throughout your transaction and be two steps ahead!

    Your Realtor should be able to help you fill in the due dates and the dates of completion that pertain to your transaction – but most aren’t even aware this little document exists! Keep this along with your purchase contract and any other pertinent documents together in a safe place – you’ll want to refer to them often as you move through the escrow process.

    Keeping on top of things in your transaction is one of the best ways to protect your interests and keep yourself involved – for both the buyer and seller.

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