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Arizona Purchase Contract | Fixtures and Personal Property

This section defines what fixtures and personal property transfer ownership with the real property. The section lists everything from the range/oven to the mailbox and storage sheds.

One point of contention between buyers and sellers can be lighting fixtures, especially when it comes to unique chandeliers. If you’re selling your house, be sure to tell your Realtor which fixtures do not convey to the buyer. It’s helpful if you walk through your home and make a list of which items you are going to take with you when you move. If it’s glued, screwed, nailed, or wired to your house, it’s probably included in the sale unless you specifically exclude it in writing.

Another commonly forgotten item are the draperies. Often times the bedspread will match the curtains or draperies so the seller will instinctively pack them – but the buyer may have fallen in love with the pattern. According to the contract, the seller must leave the draperies behind, unless excluded or negotiated otherwise.

Below is a list of the items addressed in the section that is included in the sale:

  • free-standing range/oven
  • built-in appliances
  • light fixtures
  • ceiling fans
  • towel, curtain and drapery rods
  • draperies and other window coverings
  • attached floor coverings
  • flush-mounted speakers
  • attached fireplace equipment
  • window and door screens, sun screens
  • storm windows and doors
  • shutters and awnings
  • garage door openers and controls
  • attached TV/media antennas/satellite dishes
  • outdoor landscaping, fountains, and lighting
  • water-misting systems
  • pellet, wood-burning or gas-log stoves
  • timers
  • mailbox
  • storage sheds
  • pool and spa equipment (including any mechanical or other cleaning systems)
  • security and/or fire systems and/or alarms
  • water softeners
  • water purification systems

There is a subsection that addresses the refrigerator, washer and dryer. There’s also a space provided to list the model numbers and serial numbers of these items. Also included is a line to address any items that are being leased by the seller that are not included in the sale. For example, if the seller was leasing the water softener, it would not transfer with the sale of the property unless the buyer negotiated a transfer of the lease.

This section can easily turn into a mess – especially if one party forgets to include or exclude an item. Always review this section carefully and be sure to ask questions up front of whether certain items are included in the sale.

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