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First Annual Casa Grande Community Choice Teacher of the Year Awards!

With the academic year coming to a close, we wanted to help celebrate all of the fantastic educators that make Casa Grande such an incredible place to live! And, with over 217 total, heartfelt nominations for local teachers, it’s clear that members of this community feel the same way.

After tallying received nominations this year, we have prepared a final slate with the following individuals. Please review these teachers and their accompanying nominations, and then be sure to cast your vote right here on Facebook. Only one vote will be permitted per Facebook account.

Rachel Jackson – Grande Innovation Academy

“Mrs. Jackson is very kind and effective in teaching and nurturing the kiddos. She is passionate about her job and you can see the love she has for her class. The kids love her. She is also amazing about communicating with the parents. So many teachers lost that sparkle and she still has it!” – Maria Muniz (Molly)

“Mrs. Jackson is the perfect kindergarten teacher! She has helped my daughter love and exceed in school! She’s full of love and energy that infects anyone she comes across! She’s the BEST teacher I’ve met! She gives her all and all of GIA adores her so much! She deserves the world and all the stars in the sky!” – Stephanie Bandin

“The most selfless teacher, always giving her students her all. She has a passion for developing young minds. She truly deserves this.” – Melissa

Tony Potter – Mission Heights Preparatory High School

“Mr. Potter goes above and beyond to teach us what we need to learn. He makes it where you walk into class and wonder what fun activity he has incorporated with our lesson. Mr. Potter also makes everyone feel comfortable to speak nobody is shy to answer questions.” – Alexandria Barrientes

“Mr. Potter is an admirable administer of awareness. At times his lessons are unconventional but they always have a point. He is an exemplary teacher who freely shares his knowledge and experiences for his students benefit. His dedication is visibly expressed in his work.” – Jonathan Healer

“Mr. Potter has been the most interesting teacher I have ever had the pleasure of having. The majority of his lessons were taught in ways that involved getting out of the classroom, that involved thinking outside the box.” – Corey Cash

Kristin Miller – Mission Heights Preparatory High School

“She’s the best, she takes time to talk to us and understand us. She’s an amazing person and teacher I love her!” – America Ochoa

“Mrs. Miller believes in me in a way no one else does. She motivates me to always do my best. She truly cares for every single one of her students.” – Judith Guerrero

“Mrs. Miller has helped me prepare for my future. From learning how to apply for scholarships and college, to learning how to make resumes. She has helped me make it possible to graduate early.” – Haley Lara

Heather Wilson – Desert Willow Elementary School

“She is simply an amazing teacher. Her students are her top priority. She goes above and beyond for her students. She has been the best teacher ever and if she could move up and teach each grade my son goes to I would be one happy momma.” – Kasie Massingill

“This teacher took a struggling class and put them up to speed. My daughter is included in that class. She offered free after school two days a week.” – Elvira Tristan

Jose Munoz – Casa Grande Union High School

“He’s one of the only teacher that I’ve had that actually cares about the well being of his students. He will not move on until every student understands the content being presented. If I did not have Mr. Munoz teaching me, I know for sure I would not have passed math this year.” – Trevor Gutierrez

“He has the best teaching ability of a math teacher that I have ever experienced. He has taught me a lot of things and different ways to learn and do different subjects.” – Sunny Kate Lotito

“He is an inspiration to me to do my best, also he makes class fun.” – Lauren Elizabeth Jennings

Teresa Ly – Mission Heights Preparatory High School

“Mrs. Ly goes above and beyond in everything she does for her students and school. She uses peer to peer, Socratic seminars and a love of literature and writing that deepens all of her students minds and hearts. She is one of the absolute best!” – Amanda Mace

“I am submitting Mrs. Ly because we are from a small school, and small schools don’t normally get recognition. Mission Heights teachers are all amazing, but I think Mrs. Ly does so much for the school, students, and community. She does everything and anything she can.” – Kaitlyn Gutierrez

“Mrs. Ly is an amazing teacher. She cares about all of her students and makes learning interesting and challenging. She encourages all of her students to do well and makes an effort to understand her students’ situations and lives outside of school. She is a hard working, intelligent, and enthusiastic teacher.” – Rebekah Cirks

Sunny Wiltbank – Mission Heights Preparatory High School

“Mrs. Wiltbank cares for her students’ effort and abilities, especially when it comes to math. She loves being at school and teaching what she loves most; she supports students educationally and cares to see them succeed.” – Alexandra Pitman

“Mrs. Wiltbank is honestly one of the best teachers I’ve ever had. She’s inspired so many students to do great things, and she loves what she does.” – Alexis Mayo

“Mrs. Wilbank is an amazing teacher who truly does care about her students success and an amazing person who will go the extra mile just to help someone out. She’s willing to work with students to put them in the best position to succeed.” – Jalen Amos

Colton Carlson – Mission Heights Preparatory High School

“This teacher truly cares about all of his students. He get emails constantly from his students concerning homework. He will stay up endless hours to help his students. He also cares about “not just the grade”. If you have an A but you didn’t learn anything he feels he has failed as a teacher. He believes his job is to teach everyone math and it doesn’t matter their grades for not everyone will be good at math. His passion for math is remarkable. He has made me so excited for math. I have had him 3 quarters this year alone! And this is his first year at Mission Heights. I believe he truly deserves this award! He puts so much work into teaching! One day in my job I want as much passion as him!” – Rebekah

“Mr. Carlson is one of the best math teachers out there. He knows how to keep it interesting. I didn’t start getting good grades in math until I had him as my teacher.” – Haley Lara

“He has a different way of teaching that makes more people engaged. He truly cares about your success and is always willing to help when you ask questions.” – Jada Macias


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  • Connor Dreyer
    Written on

    “Mrs. Wiltbank is the best math teacher any student could hope for. If you put forth the effort she will do everything in her power to make sure that you not only pass the class, but actually learn the material. I would not have survived my high school math without her help. She also truly cares about our lives outside of school and what our plans are after high school. She isn’t just a teacher, she is a friend.

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