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Home Safety Checklist

Sound the Alarm: Install smoke detectors on every floor of your home and carbon monoxide detectors near sleeping areas. Don’t forget routine testing!

Avoid Overload: Check for overloaded extension cords – usage should not exceed the recommended wattage.

Don’t Get Tippy: If young children are in the home, bookshelves and other furniture should be firmly secured with wall brackets to prevent tipping.

Watch Cord Placement: Extension cords should not be placed under rugs or heavy furniture, tacked up or coiled while in use.

Get Grounded: All major appliances should be grounded. Be sure to check your ground fault circuit interrupters regularly.

Plan Your Escape: Prepare and practice a fire escape plan with your family. Identify exits for every room and know what to do with young children.

Keep Extinguishers Handy: Place all-purpose fire extinguishers in key locations in your home – the kitchen, bedroom and garage. Be sure to check expiration dates regularly and know how to use them safely.

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