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Who Sells the Better House?

If you think hiring a professional Realtor is expensive, just wait and see what the amateur will cost you…

A small segment of sellers believe that Realtors merely enter property details online and push paperwork during a sale. The truth, however, is that good Realtors earn their keep for services far beyond these menial tasks.

To drive home this point, picture two cars (no pun intended). One is listed by a dealership, has been inspected for safety, is clean, and has even had minor body damage repaired in-house. The other is being sold directly by an owner with no automotive experience. There’s gum under the seats, old/dirty floor mats, and a strange clicking noise when it hits 45 miles per hour. Which vehicle do you feel safer and more comfortable purchasing?

Buying a home is no different. What a Realtor provides is not only the market expertise it takes to get top dollar for your home, but also time-tested wisdom on how to prepare your property to show better and attract more buyers. We can make suggestions on quick upgrades that will return more than their investment, help neutralize decor for mass appeal, and even offer guidance on how to keep rooms in showable form. We also help guide owners through the sale process so that closings happen on time and without unnecessary interruptions. Finally, we work with a network of trusted contractors to help you find reliable, affordable services to address any need.

The irony of “For Sale by Owner” properties is that, while owners typically pursue this route to save money, Realtor-sold properties averaged $55,000 more at closing ($240,000 compared to $185,000). As such, many pursuing this path ultimately created more work, a worse product, and a smaller take than they would had they hired a trusted Realtor instead.

The same principle holds true for discount brokers. In some markets, there’s a belief that inventory is so low (or buyers so motivated) that anyone can sell it. As such, some sellers are led to believe that the broker charging the lowest fee (and often just taking a few photos with their phone) will offer the best returns.

Of course, then come the problems…the tough inspection negotiation, a push for expensive repairs, and appraisal issues because many discount brokers simply add a few thousand to the house that just sold down the street. Unfortunately, mistakes like these tend to cost sellers significantly more than the “discount” broker saves them on fees and they create a ton of headaches along the way. After all, nobody wants to earn less on their sale for doing more work, right?

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